Welcome to ourWorld FM! We are dedicated to bringing you amazing, enjoyable entertainment everyday! Our fantastic community is brought to you from all over the globe! ourWorldFM was created by Donny Pie. But on February 1st, 2014, Donny stepped aside and let the site transpire…

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Located in different corners of the world, your FM staff members help to keep the site up to date by making it better each and every day! Isn’t that awesome? ourWorldFM has a forum that you can join. It boasts more than 10,000 members and 350,000+ messages; all which would welcome you to our family if you sign up. The forum is run by all of our admins combined!

In addition to the radio streaming for nearly 24 hours a day, ourWorldFM has more things for you to enjoy. And by this, we are talkng about Media and Events! Our media staff writes pages of articles with weekly updates about the latest ourWorld scoop. Plus, our eventsteam are giving out gifts non-stop to keep your heart wanting our little community.

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