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Most Expensive Versions of everyday Items

Coffee – Kopi Luwak ($600/lb or $50/cup) Socks – Vicuna Socks ($3,300) Cupcake – The Golden Phoenix ($1060) iPod Dock – AeroDream One ($527,463) Board Game – Royale Diamond Chess Set ($9.8 million) Stool – 110 lbs of solid gold stool ($1.3 million) Toothpaste – Theodent Toothpaste: ($300) Book...

6 Naughty New Year’s Resolutions

What are your New Year’s resolutions?  Coming from someone who lives a bachelor lifestyle, here are 6 naughty new year’s resolutions from any self-respecting guy: #6 – Wear boxers/underwear everyday… or not. There’s a sense of liberation and comfort from not wearing clothes.  You should try it sometime.  If...