Meet The Staff

Ever wonder who DJ’s on ourWorld FM?  Below are the people responsible for running the FM station! If you’d like to donate to an author then click their head and make a noob account!

Admin Pie

~ Skye Pie created ourWorld fm ~

DJ Skye Pie

Donny | United States

Skye is the founder of ourWorld FM and the OGC network.  He began developing for gaming sites in early 2010.  And since then, he’s managed to expand with over 20 different sites and over 150 contributing authors. began as an idea, but its success is owed to hardwork, passion, and dedication.

Ninja Cat

~ Hires, fires and recruits DJ’s ~

So Social

~ Facebook. Tumblr. YouTube. Twitter. ~

DJ Only

Georgina | United Kingdom

Georgina has been with ourWorldFM since the very beginning.  She mediates differences between DJ and hopes everyone comes to an agreement.  She’s also responsible for adding new DJ’s and firing existing DJ’s.  Only is a great friend and her contributions are greatly appreciated and never forgotten.

DJ Trixterman

Tim | Sweden

Trixterman is a great guy. Trixterman was the very first person who donated to ourWorldFM. He’s always been interested in making this project the best possible. And Skye has the greatest respect for him. With Trixterman being our Social Ninja, the site is sure to be an even bigger success!

Creative Artists

~ They know how to get things popular online. ~

avatarDJ Tony Greyson

Tony | United Kingdom

Tony Greyson is a wonderful person, he makes people laugh, and he doing a really good work in ourWorldFM, Tony is a loveable person some is easy to make friend with hes personality is calm and being confident with himself and others. To have Tony Greyson like an admin makes the whole site better!

avatarDJ ???

??? | ???

This could be you!


~ Bloggers moderate, edit, and publish everything on the site. ~

avatarDJ Raveey

Julz | Australia

Julz enjoys working with her fellow DJs and has been playing all your favorite tunes since April 2013.  She enjoys a wide variety of music and looks forward to sharing her quirky sense of humor with everyone.  Julz updates you on stories daily.

DJ Managers

~ They setup new DJs and tell them what to do. ~

avatarDJ Xado

Yuuki | Malaysia

Yuuki is a devoted user of ourWorldFM and demands the most of new DJs.  He only wants the best for ourWorldFM and is commonly referred to being sexy.  Xado is great fun and is generally happy.  If any new DJ’s need help then Xado is the one to seek.

avatarDJ ???

??? | ???

This could be you!

Junior DJ’s


DJ Stampede

Hayden | Canada

Favorite Genre: Alternative Rock
Favorite Food: Bacon & Pizza
Favorite Color: Black & White

avatarDJ Star

Nia | United States

Favorite Genre: Undecided
Favorite Food: Thai
Favorite Color: Pink

DJ Becca

Becca | United States

Favorite Genre: Pop/Dubstep
Favorite Food: Nutella
Favorite Color: Blue

avatarDJ Anarchy

Mira | Canada

Favorite Genre:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Color:

DJ Red Dawn

Shortie | United Kingdom

Favorite Genre: Nightcore
Favorite Food: Pancakes
Favorite Color:

avatarDJ FL0P

Alice | United Kingdom

Favorite Genre: Pop
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Color: Orange

DJ Mandatory

Kenzie | United States

Favorite Genre: Pop
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Color: Aqua Blue

avatarDJ Tiffy

Natalie | United Kingdom

Favorite Genre: Pop
Favorite Food: Passion Fruit
Favorite Color: Red

DJ Riot

Ryan | United States

Favorite Genre: Dubstep
Favorite Food: Taco
Favorite Color: Orange

avatarDJ Kitty

??? | ???

Favorite Genre: ???
Favorite Food: ???
Favorite Color: ???

DJ Riot

??? | ???

Favorite Genre: ???
Favorite Food: ???
Favorite Color: ???

avatarDJ ???

??? | ???

Favorite Genre: ???
Favorite Food: ???
Favorite Color: ???

If you work for ourWorldFM and would like your avatar added, then use the site’s contact form.  Remember to include your avatar’s head by signing into ourWorld and clicking:

Account > User Settings > Sharing > Avatar (download)

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