The ourWorldFM staff is split into 3 groups depending on timezone.

ourWorldFM is always looking for young and talented people to join our awesome team!  If you think you’re entertaining and have what it takes to DJ then fill out the application form below!

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Which Broadcast Software do you use?

Do you have any experience? (if yes, please list all sites you work(ed) for)

How many hours could you commit to be on air per week?

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You will need to attach a voice clip to the application (save it in mp3, mp4, or wav format). This preview will determine if you get the job or not. Any applications without audio files will be deleted. If you’re on a windows PC, you can find a sound recorded by clicking:

Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder

Please also remember to attach a 60 second clip of your DJing to the email as this will be a deciding factor on whether you are to get the job or not. Only emails with sound files, or links to sound files, attached, will be read!

Best of luck to you all!!

Click here to see DJ Time Vacancies for ourWorldFM

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