Looking for answers regarding the radio? Sure! We hope this area willanswer any questions you may have. If we do not have an answer to your question then you can use our contact form and we will answer to you personally.

Before you do that though, make sure the questions below to see if your question hasn’talready been answered. If you are looking for a question which isn’t part of the radio then make sure you click here.

Radio Problems & FAQ’s

Who created ourWorldFM and how?
ourWorldFM was created by Skye Pie.  He’s a web developer, student, short film director, and adventurer.  The station is a combination of wordpress.org and radio server software.

How long does it take to answer my DJ Application?
It generally takes around 3 days to receive a DJ Application reply.  If you don’t receive a reply, the best thing to do is send in a new application.  If you have still don’t get a reply, then send a message to one of the DJ’s or comment on our site.

I failed my DJ Application, why is this?
There are many reasons on why you could of failed your DJ Application. You could of had a bad microphone which you recorded your clip with or didn’t write enough content in your application. When writing out a Radio Application, make sure you put effort in– because if the clip let’s it down, you will get a trial based on the amount of effort you’ve put in, leading us to help you how to DJ.

How do I become a Radio DJ?
It’s very easy to become a Radio DJ. You will need the software (which we can provide) named Sam Broadcaster.

My Radio isn’t working!
If your radio isn’t working, try to refresh.  If that still doesn’t work, try clicking play on the flash player at the bottom.  You can try clicking play on the right side.  That usually works.  This is a known bug on ourWorldFM and we’re working hard to fix it.

Help! My radios not working with my browser?
We love to keep up with the recent scripts and technology other fansite users seem to release – and we are the first to try them!  Therefore if the radio isn’t working you might be out of date! Oh dear! You can download the plugins below which will upgrade your current plugins for the ones to work on the radio.

Before attempting any of these though, hold down the current keys; CTRL + F5.  This should clear your cache, loading the page completely fresh.  If this doesn’t work- follow above accordingly.

Click here to download Adobe Flash Plugin! »
Click here to download the Firefox Plugin! »

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