Do you need to contact a DJ or developer of ourWorld FM?  Would you like to give us some feedback on how to improve our shows?  Or worst case scenario, need to complain about something?  Choose from the following options below for ways to contact us here at

Wait, before you contact us…

Here are some questions users tend to ask us. We have decided to write up a small short list in case you need a question answering quickly, saving our time and your time.

Which webhost is ourWorld FM on?
We are on GoDaddy Servers.  Our own private Host.  Skye Pie serves us brilliantly.

The radio isn’t playing…?
You really need to look at the radio FAQ’s, you can do this by clicking here!

Who is the radio hosted by… anyway?!
The radio is hosted by VosCast… We are on a 96kbs which is managed by Skye Pie. We installed Centova on that to have our very own Radio, therefore, we own our own.

How do I become a Radio DJ?
It’s very easy to become a Radio DJ. You will need the software named Sam Broadcaster. If you click here and post a thread- We will help you maintain this! However, you may need to sign up.

Help! My voice clip?
If you are having problems with your voice clip then we are very sorry! You can upload your clip to Vocaroo by clicking here. Just copy and paste the link to it when it asks for it on the application.

Help! Recording my voice clip?
You can record your voiceclip very easily. All you need to do is follow these simple commands;
Start » Programs » Accessories » Entertainment » Sound Recorder

Do you have a forum?
Yes, you can sign up by clicking here. We would love to meet you!

Can I have a job at ourWorldFM?
Yes, we actually take anyone on for a job here. If you are interested in getting a job at ourWorldFM then all you need to is hit “Job Applications” in the navigation – apply for any job you like.

Is ourWorldFM official?
We are not an official site for We still, regard ourselves as one though.

Help! I’ve been scammed?
No, we don’t allow our staff to scam a prize or listeners. If you feel you have been hard done by and not received a prize from a Radio DJ or Events staff we are really sorry. If you use the contact form below we will ensure you receive your prize.

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