Welcome to ourWorldFM 2014

Happy New Year!  ourWorldFM is 2 years old.  Time’s gone by so fast.  And we’ve changed a lot.  Change is good.  We’re innovator and we strive to continue being creative.  Here’s what you can expect from us as we move into 2014:

  • We are a podcast station.  We upload once a week.
  • We update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with trending online topics.

From this point onward, I’m dedicated to making a core network of sites that I will update weekly.  I also have products coming out soon along with a game that should be finished by the end of 2014.  You’ll be able to play it in your browser, or on an android or iPhone device.

As always, thank you all for your support.  None of this would be possible without you.


OWFM sucks! I hate all the new updates. You’re just making it worse and worse with every naughty and sexy crap post.
Wish you could see it, Skye-pie or whatever your damn name is!

Well damn, what did you expect from a single adult man? Nice little fuzzy stuffed animals and lollipops? Lol no.

Skye, why did you do this? Why? No offence but you killed it…
Sorry tbh..
(If you’re wondering what it is, this site)

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