How To Seem Attractive (by Skye Pie)

Most people don’t actually like how they look when they see themselves in the mirror.  It’s seems strange, but even the best looking people have insecurities.  Here are a list of ways to seem attractive, even if you don’t feel attractive:

Step 1: Slap Yourself


Slap some sense into yourself.  It’s not all about looks.  It’s about the type of person you are.  Don’t be vain and shallow.  Personality is far more attractive than looks.  So slap yourself, stupid.

Step 2: Stretch


Spend 5-10 minutes stretching.  You’ll feel better about yourself once you’re done.  It doesn’t count unless you sweat a little.

Step 3: Create


Creative people are attractive.  Learn the piano.  Make a website.  Paint a picture.  Do something creative and people will love you.

Step 4: Laugh


You don’t have to be funny to laugh.  Just laugh like a crazy person.  Even as you read this post, just laugh.  Psychologist say people who laugh live longer.

Step 5: Breathe


Remember to breathe.  Take in life one breath at a time.  Nothing is ever too serious.  Never lose your cool.  Stay composed.  Everything will be okay.


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