10 Weird Restaurants

Here are 10 extremely weird but creative restaurants:

1. Le Refuge des Fondus – Baby Bottles of Wine [source]

restaurant 01

At Le Refuge des Fondues in Paris, France has wine that is served in a baby bottle.  In addition, there are only 2 things on the menu: meat and cheese.  In my opinion, this isn’t that cool.  If I wanted wine in a baby bottle then I’d buy wine and put it in a baby bottle.

2. C1 Cafe – Burgers at 140kmh [source]

restaurant 02

In C1 Cafe, your food is placed in cylindrical canisters (as shown in the picture above) and shot through tubes to your dining table.  The canisters are shot at 140kmh.  This is great for presentation but doesn’t change the way you experience food.

3. Opaque – Dining in the Dark [source]


At Opaque, they serve you food in the dark and you eat in complete darkness.  There’s even a surprise menu.  You have to guess what you’re served.  This raises the question, what exactly is in the food.  I like to see what I eat before I put it in my mouth.  This dining experience can be an adventure.

4. Dinner in the Sky [source]

dinner in the sky

For adventurers, why not dine in the sky?  This restaurant serves your food as you’re repelled over a hundred feet in the air.  Just don’t look down.  It might ruin your appetite.

5. Alice in Wonderland Restaurant [source]

alice in wonderland theme

Here’s an interesting concept: an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant.  Their menu consists of interesting dishes that will have you going down the rabbit hole of deliciousness.

6. Modern Toilet – Toilet Themed Restaurant [source]

modern toilet

Here’s a disgusting restaurant: the modern toilet.  Your meals are served in dishes shaped like toilets.  You even eat while sitting on toilets.  The entire restaurant is themed like a bathroom.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t actually smell like one too.

7. Cat Cafe – Eat with cats [source]

cat cafe

In this cafe, you can eat alongside cats.  They’ll eat as you eat and for any cat-lover, this can be an enjoyable experience.  Of course, if you’re like me and you’re allergic to cats then this isn’t the best place to dine.

8. Alcatraz E.R. – Medical Prison Restaurant [source]

prison restarant

Ever wonder what it’s like to be served in prison?  Well now you can experience just that.  In the Alcatraz E.R., you eat while behind bars.  And you’re served by girls dressed in medical outfits.  If this isn’t weird then we don’t know what is.

9. Snow Village – Ice Bar [source]

snow village

The snow village is a restaurant located in an ice-biome.  Let’s just hope your food doesn’t get cold.

10. Hajime Restaurant – Robot Restaurant [source]

robot restaurant

This restaurant serves and dines you using the power of robots.  Welcome to the 21st century.


I just love the sky one, cat one and toilet one! But I just wonder if the Ice tables and chairs ever collapses in the ice bar O_O

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