Does Peter Pan Qualify as a Superhero?

It’s a good question and makes you think.  In this article, we’ll debate whether or not we think Peter Pan is a superhero.

Superhero (noun) – a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, such as Superman.

Superhero Characteristics

Superhero Characteristics:  Peter Pan is confident as seen in his ability to lead his friends.  He’s carefree as shown in his childish nature.  And he’s especially light-hearted for he is always laughing and having a good time.

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Non-Superhero Characteristics: Peter Pan is delusional.  In actuality, Peter Pan is a man who thinks he’s a boy.  He doesn’t want to grow up.  In fact, you could say his entire adventure is merely “pretend.”  And Neverland doesn’t actually exist.  You could say the story of Peter Pan is about a mentally ill patient who’s delusional.

Superhero Attire

Superhero Attire: Peter Pan looks a lot like Link from the Nintendo series: Zelda.  They both dress in green and have their very own fairy.  Link is considered the Hero of Hyrule.  And since Peter Pan resembles Link, shouldn’t Peter Pan be considered the Hero of Neverland?

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Non-superhero Attire: Most superheroes have a secret identity; Peter Pan does not.

Superhero Powers

Superhero Powers: He battles his arch-nemesis, Hook, and defeats his entire gang of pirates.  Peter Pan saves Wendy from near-death.  And Peter Pan can fly and use a sword pretty well.  Not to mention that Peter Pan is immortal, as long as he stays in Neverland.

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Non-Superhero Actions: Peter Pan is a child pretending to be a hero.  To Peter Pan, Neverland is his playground.  He doesn’t understand true danger.  Even while fighting Hook, he doesn’t ever consider his life to be threatened.  You could say Peter Pan is too childish to be a true hero.


Does Peter Pan qualify as a superhero?  I would say no.  To be considered a superhero, you need people to recognize you as a superhero.  No doubt, people recognize Peter Pan as a hero but not a superhero.  And it’s questionable if we can call these people “actual” people.  They’re merely a figment of Peter Pan’s imagination.  Peter Pan thinks he’s a hero, but in reality, Peter Pan is a man masquerading around as a boy.  In reality, no one considers Peter Pan to be a hero.  He is only a hero when he goes to Neverland which is a place that doesn’t exist to anyone but him.

At best, Peter Pan is a deranged lunatic who poses as a hero going through an identity crisis of being Link.

What do you think?
Do you consider Peter Pan to be a hero?


well im sure he’s not. no secret identity. even if he had one i’m sure it’s better than superman’s tho. just removes his glasses and twirls a lock of hair on his forehead and BAM! no one can recognize him!?

He flies because he’s “pretending.” And he defeats pirates in Neverland who don’t actually pose a threat to him since Peter Pan is immortal.

And Peter Pan has a sexier costume than Peter Pan? How can you have a sexier costume than yourself?

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