The coolest colorful igloo building

colorful igloo

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That’s so cool :O I never heard of a colorful igloo building .But know I did lol . Its so creative and beautiful ^-^

I think Its Freezing ,When There inside cuz Like .-. There Surrounded by Blocks of Ice xD and I Think it will be Kind a Warm for Them cuz I Think That’s a Blanket On The Ground..:P

Woah. I’m so tempted to make one… Although the one I would make would be much smaller. Much Much Smaller. Since my garden is like… 1 meter by 1 meter… Not even that.

Omg I’ve read this article in a magazine ;o Lol it’s called “The Igloo Of Love” and js, I think…..that girls dad passed away or something and they made this Igloo before he did sadly ~Tear. Idk I could be wrong but something like that happened c; The guy and the girl met while at university. She was doing an exchange in New Zealand (my home country omagosh ~Blushes) and there relationship grew from there. No need for any extra details though.

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