5 Lesser Known Facts About ourWorldFM

How much do you know about ourWorldFM?  Here are some lesser known facts about our little station and how we began:

#5 – ourWorldFM is a non-profit radio station

We just love music

ourWorldFM does not make money.  We do place ads on the site for server expenses, but we don’t get enough traffic to make anything.  ourWorldFM gets around 500 visits per day.  The entire site is paid for by donations and mostly from Skye Pie.  It’s estimated that he pays around $150.00 per month!

#4 – ourWorldFM has had over 100 DJ’s.

Radio Online

Since the creation of ourWorldFM, we’ve had over 100 DJs.  That’s A LOT of people.  Unfortunately, not all DJs stay with us and some are overly dramatic.  But if we’re lucky, good ones stay and we all get along.  Let’s keep the FM going strong!

#3 – ourWorldFM has been streaming since 2012.


ourWorldFM was orginally created November 2011.  However, the site wasn’t actually functional and streaming until November 2012.  Since 2013, we’ve been streaming our station nearly 24 hours per day, every day, for the entire year!

#2 – ourWorldFM is for ALL virtual world games and online gamers.

ourworld fm 3

We are called ourWorldFM, but our site is for all virtual gamers.  This includes games like ourWorld, Animal Jam, vegasWorld, IMVU, and many many more.

#1 – ourWorldFM is a PG-13 Radio Station.

ourworld fm 6

When ourWorldFM first came out, we only played songs that were rated-G (meaning no cussing allowed).  But now we’re older and wiser.  We’ve decided to have a PG-13 station where we stream songs uncensored.  Besides, it’s the internet.

Post written by: DJ Skye Pie


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