3 Reasons Why DubStep is DubStep

DubStep is a highly requested genre of music played on ourWorldFM.  But what makes dubstep dubstep, exactly?  Well here are 3 reason:

Reason #3 – Because when the beat drops…


The moment leading up to the beat drop is pure suspense.  It’s the moment kids wait for before all hell breaks loose.  The beat drop is the reason to listen to DubStep.  Just wait for the wob wob wob…

#2 – DubStep sounds better when on drugs.


Okay, we’re not promoting the use of drugs.  But it’s a well known fact that drug-induced dancing and raving goes perfect with dubstep.  Because when that beat drops… all hell breaks loose.

#1 – DubStep sounds like computers having sex.


The wob wob wob is pure dubstep.  DubStep isn’t dubstep unless it sounds like robots having sex.  If your computer isn’t making noises of pure pleasure when you put on dubstep, then you’re not listening to dubstep.  If aynthing, that’s not dubstep.  You’ll know dubstep when you hear it.  It’s pure robot sex.

Post written by: DJ Skye Pie


The main post picture xD its just so kawaii, yet abit creepy hehe where did you look for this ~Girl’s used as turn table~ xD ~Stampede~

Isn’t hentai the bad perverted kind of anime.. Okay, maybe not bad for some people but the the 18+ adult anime?

You seemed to know alot about sex, Skye.. I see that word in most of your posts.. Seems you did drugs once, JK.

LOL im a sexpert. Just call me Dr. Pie. Come by my office for a check-up ;D

And drugs, pffft… never. Okay, maybe once. or twice. Wait, no NEVER 😀

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