7 Reasons Hunger Games is Better Than Twilight

The second installment of Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, recently debuted in theaters.  This has brought up the debate of which is better: Hunger Games or Twilight?  Well this is a no-brainer.  We’ll give you 7 reasons why Hunger Games is better than Twilight:

Reason #7: Jennifer Lawrence


Do we really need to say more?  Jennifer Lawrence is 1000x better than… that one girl from Twilight.

Reason #6: Peeta nor Gale Sparkle


So you’re a vampire… that doesn’t bite people.  And you live deep in the forest.  And you sparkle.  Okay, not to offend any Twilight fans, but that sounds like a fairy.  Edward Cullen is a fairy.

Reason #5: Katniss could kick Bella’s Ass

Katniss vs Bella

Katniss participates in a fight to the death Hunger Games.  The story, itself, is about an oppressive government and starving people.  Katniss is a survivor.  Bella, on the other hand, well… Edward broke up with her once and she thought about committing suicide.

Reason #4: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

You might not know this.  But Jennifer Lawrence.  Nuff said.

Reason #3: The Hunger Games Story is better.

reason 3

Twilight is about a helpless girl.  The Hunger Games is about a strong girl who sacrifices herself for her kid sister.  The Hunger Games is televised crime.  It’s about killing.  Twilight is about crying and fairies.

Reason #2: The cast is better than Twilight.


The acting in Hunger Games is better.  Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress with so many styles.  She makes more than one face!  Unlike Bella, who has the same face in most her scenes.

Reason #1: Did we mention Jennifer Lawrence?


Oh, and the number 1 reason why Hunger Games is better than Twilight: Jennifer Lawrence.

Post written by: DJ Skye Pie


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