5 Reason Why ourWorldFM is Sexy

ourWorldFM has been around for longer than a year and there are many sexy things about our station.  Here are 5 reasons why we think ourWorldFM is awesome:

Reason #5: Our DJs are sexy!


We host online events on virtual world games like ourWorld or vegasWorld; our DJ’s will tell you where to go.  These events are full of awesome people who are listening to the station and you’ll hear shout outs!

Reason 4: We play sexy songs & give sexy shoutouts.

Request line

-sings- I’m too sexy for my… shirt. -takes off shirt-

Too sexy for my… pants. -takes off pants-

Too sexy for my… er, wait!  This is supposed to be a pg-13 station!  Sometimes we get too carried away with our sexiness.

Reason #3: Our layout and theme is so sleek.


Check out our site!  It might be the sexiest site since our old site.  Who says sexy doesn’t come in design?  Sexy is ALL ABOUT design!

Reason #2: We post sexy events, DJ mixes, and music created by our DJ’s.

Our first feature Artist
Our first feature Artist: Amazing Milda Green

Do you know sexy?  We do.  We post the sexiest events like “The Hot Dog event” and “The Banana Hammock” event.  Okay, maybe we don’t post banana hammock events.  But we might, someday!  Stay up to date with the hottest DJ mixes and music from virtual world players.

Reason #1: Because DJ Trixterman. LOL

DJ Trixterman

DJ Trixterman is our social media expert.  He networks with all the major sites like Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.  How could you not love Trixterman?

Loving ourworldFM already?! Why not join our team by sending in your applications here !?

Post written by: DJ Xado and DJ Raveyy.

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