FM Updates for August 2013

Skye Pie

Hey FM listeners!  My name’s Skye Pie.  I’m one of the admins on ourWorldFM.  As an admin, my responsibility is to make sure the station is up and running.  I’m also responsible for adding cool new features!

I know it’s been awhile since any changes have been made to ourWorld FM.  I’ve gotten some great feedback and suggestions from the listeners and DJs on how to improve the site.  Below are the updates from the past month.  I’ll try to add cool features every few months, whenever I find free time.  Anyway, check it out:

  • New Background
  • New Blog section for writers and readers (we’ll add more bloggers soon)
  • Updated the menu bar on FM, and deleted some dead links

The blog took a bit of time to create.  It use to be the original FM site until I changed to HTML.  The only downside is the blog is an entire site of it’s own!  It’s easier than creating an entire section with the current panel (which would then be limited and a lot of coding would be involved).  Here are some ideas for future updates and things that still need updating:

  • Member profiles (all dj’s will have the ability to edit their own profile)
  • DJ of the Week and voting will have a better system
  • Fix broken images on all pages
  • Update sidebars for social media and twitter

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to make the site better than leave a comment below.  And as always, keep it locked and skadoosh! ^_^


Neomoti Heartbeat: Guys I don’t know what occurred but the electricity where I live went out sorry!

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