ourWorld FM Premiere

This is the very first post for ourWorld FM.

The goal of ourWorld FM is to feature music handpicked by you, the listener, and by our site DJ’s.  This site should also be a good marketing tool, not only for ourWorld, but for the OGC Network.  Our greatest interest is in the growth of OGC.  This radio station only furthers our unique and original thought for creating new markets in online gaming.  Surely, many blogs will follow in our path which has been done time and time again by countless imitators.  Knowing we are in the spotlight, ourWorld FM will be used as an example for different developers who’d like to setup their own station, outside of ourWorld.  All in all, we believe this station will be a huge move in the right direction and promises great success.

I still have a long way to go, before anything is even close to being up and running:

  • Need site logo, banners and ad placement
  • Server configuration to play live content
  • Customization of theme, color, and layout
  • Will need to find ourWorld DJ’s to fill time slots
  • Social networking sites and optimizing ourWorld FM
  • Tinkering with DJ-ing software and soundboards
  • Need to add an ourWorld Play page w/ radio attached
  • Need to add a jobs page, for anyone interested in DJ-ing
  • More… and more… and more…
Since I’m pretty much doing this all on my own, it will take much longer than anticipated.  I use to have a better network of help, of real life friends, but it seems everyone either doesn’t have the time, is incapable, or simply doesn’t want to.  Looks like I’ll be on the hunt for social networking, once again.